Our year together will be hard work, packed full of new experiences but always fun. We hope your children will become truly independent and active learners, ready to seek out new opportunities and adventures.

We don’t deal in problems, we deal in solutions.


Children should come to school ready for the day with:

  • Sharp pencils
  • Ruler, rubber, sharpener,
  • Scissors and glue-stick
  • Thick and thin black felt pen
  • Blue or black writing pen

Active and Independent learners show initiative, are organised, remain focused, stay on task, complete assignments, manage their time, set a good example, respect others, listen, think, act and make the right choice.

Pupils are encouraged to set their own targets, be responsible for achieving those targets and in so doing, become active and independent learners. It is the pupils’ responsibility to be organised. They should look at the timetable, be aware of what is needed for each lesson and come prepared to be taught. Personal organisational skills are vitally important in Primary 5/6:

  • What do I need for the next lesson?
  • What is the next lesson?
  • I finished the task, what do I do now?
  • Have I checked and edited my work?

If you have any queries please arrange to come and see me at 8.50am or at the end of the day or contact me by phone or email at


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Mrs Cunningham