December Round-Up

Playground update: Repairs have been made to the vandalised areas of the soft play surface and the infant playhouse thanks to some very kind fathers. We have a quote for further patching of the soft play which we hope to pursue in the New Year. We have finally been advised that EDC will provide their street sweeper to help clear the infant playground, once the machine has been repaired. We are constantly in contact with EDC about the flooding that occurs alongside the upper school building. We will continue with this as some exploratory work is clearly required. Trees around the school have been cut back to help reduce the leaf litter next autumn but this will be an on-going issue. kids

Our PTA have created a sub-group to look at how we might make some improvements to the playground. I am sure they would welcome your input if you have any support you can provide. The Parent Council continues to liaise with EDC about a new all weather pitch. This would be a real asset as it would allow us to direct the playing of football to a dedicated, supervised space, alleviating the pressure on an already busy play space around the main building. In the better weather we will look at making the orchard area and the ‘secret garden’ more functional spaces that can also be accessed during recesses. 
ChristmasReligious observation As Christmas approaches we are clearly minded of this significant Christian festival. As a school, however, we serve a broad and diverse community where a number of faiths, beliefs and indeed those with no defined faith are all represented. Our aim is to ensure that our learners experience an understanding of many views and perspectives allowing them to develop positive attitudes to other people. Through a broad curriculum and well planned assembly programme we aim to achieve this breadth of provision. Our aim is to develop community links over time. This will allow us the opportunity to have representatives of different beliefs share their experiences with us. 
CairnsI do appreciate that, as a school, we do make a lot of use of the local Church, which does suggest some bias. Fundamentally, this is simply a matter of practicality as this is a convenient, large space that can accommodate our entire school at no cost. 
If you would like more information on the Scottish Government directives on Religious observance please go to: the Christmas holidays many of your children will receive new electronic devices. Please can we ask that you set up parental controls as a matter of priority. Recently we have had some concerns about and that, if not set up properly, people can see the precise locations of children using Snapchat. 
Sad news : Milngavie Primary School and ELC would like to send our heartfelt sympathy to the friends and family of Colin Samborek, a former pupil of our school who  died recently.