Record Broken!


Hit the buttonNew school record awarded to P6 pupils
The atmosphere was tense as our latest intrepid pupil challenged the scores of last year's Primary 6 pupils. After a thrilling display O. battled to beat the previous Hit the Button record, held by Euan (then, P6) since April 2013.
Not only did O. pictured on the left, beat the previous high score of 83, she managed to add on an amazing three points to set a new school record of 86 points in 60 seconds for the six times times table. She will be presented with her record certificate at assembly next week. How many more pupils are determined to beat theses incredible scores. Can you?
How to compete
Nerves of steel and brains the size of planets are needed to compete in this highly competitive environment. First log on to Hit the button, and choose a table to practice. When you are feeling proficient ask your teacher to witness your efforts on the class whiteboard. All record breaking scores must be attempted on an interactive board and witnessed by a teacher. Good luck.
Lucy M (then, P5) has held the nine times table record since 2012 with a score of 62. There are presently no recorded scores for the 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 10 times tables. Will you be the first to hold the record?