Award Ceremony

Award ceremonyCongratulations to our Primary 7 Award Winners.

On Monday 19 June 2017 the whole school gathered in Cairns Church to celebrate another wonderful school year.

Pupils were congratulated on their thoughtfulness, progress, effort and achievement.

Certificates were presented to Primary 3 pupils who have now graduated to the senior school.  A certificate was also presented to each Primary 7 to mark their passage to secondary. We wish them every success.

headteacher's award winnerPictured above are our Primary 7 Award winners who have shown outstanding talent in, Music, Achievement, Maths, Sport, Head teacher's award, literature, Art, Drama, Citizenship and Science.

In addition, this year's recipients of the much sought after House Trophy was Dougalston. Members of Dougalston will now receive a special lunch in Cian to reward them for their hard work throughout the year.

AllanderThe P1-3 house winners are Allander: pupils will have a play in Lennox Park and an ice cream on the way back to school.

Congratulations to all our pupils who continue to work hard and enjoy Milngavie Primary.