Early Learning

Early Learning and Childcare within East Dunbartonshire Council

The forthcoming Children and Young People’s Act will increase the entitlement of eligible three and four year olds to 600 hours funded early learning and childcare.   There will also be an entitlement for two year olds who are looked after or in kinship care or those whose parents are seeking work.
A consultation was carried out with parents to inform the Strategic Plan to implement this expansion of early years’ provision.
The aim is to provide more flexibility and choice for parents. The Council is committed to ensuring high quality provision for children.
East Dunbartonshire Council offer parents a number of choices when choosing their child’s ante or pre-school nursery place:
-          A local authority nursery offering a 3 hour 10 minute session during term time;
-          A local authority nursery offering extended day provision term time or 50 weeks per year. Early Years Holiday Provision will be provided in all locality areas. This will be available to all parents.
-          Partner Providers: We operate a partnership arrangement with centres. These provide sessional and extended day provision.
There will be expansion of the extended day provision. In Session 2014/15, the following nurseries will offer parents the option of purchasing additional hours from 8.00am – 6.00pm, term time:
·         Milngavie Primary Nursery Class
·         Baljaffray Primary Nursery Class
·         Meadowburn Primary Nursery Class
A review of provision in other areas is currently being undertaken.
Early Years Holiday Provision will be expanded and available to all parents within a local area. It is currently provided within the 50 week centres:
·         Cleddens Learning and Childcare Centre;
·         Hillhead Nursery Centre
·         Castlehill Nursery Centre
It may also be available in other centres if there is sufficient demand.
More information is available from the EDC Website www.eastdunbarton.gov.uk
-          Childcare Information Service 0141 578 8707
-          Any local authority nursery or partner provider.
Registration for nursery places for Session 2014/15 takes place in January / February; closing date 28 February 2014.
Leaflets and Registration Forms are available from any local authority nursery, partnership centre, the EDC Website or the Early Years Team, Southbank House, Kirkintilloch (0141 578 8707).