Barclays Eagles pay a flying visit.

Barclay's EaglesThanks to a thoroughly entertaining, educational and well thought out programme, Barclays Eagles have managed to inspire nearly a hundred new computer programmers.

Pupils were glued to the screen as they tried to write code, based on java script, to add to games such as Minecraft, Frozen, Star Wars and many more.

'It was awesome. I went straight home and carried on where I left off' reported one excited pupil.

barclay's eagles'I can't wait for our school computer club to get started!' said another. The good news is that after an exciting day, Milngavie Primary has been inspired by our visiting Eagles to start up it's very own coding club. More details later in the month.

Barclays run monthly 2-hour coding sessions for children aged 7 to 17 in selected branches around Glasgow. Since this is a really fun way to learn the basics of computer coding and develop digital skills for the future, we asked them along to our school.

Barclay's EaglesWhile we aren't trying to make all of our pupils computer programmers, we do believe that the skills coding teaches them are invaluable.

‘Coding is a way of thinking logically about a problem and piecing it all together,’ says Tom Enraght-Mooney at Kano, which creates computer kits designed to get people coding. ‘It helps us to learn a consistent way of thinking and developing a logical mindset.’

Barclay's eaglesDeveloping the minds of young people who are able to reason logically, problem solve and work in collaborative groups is one of our aims. Therefore we must thank the Eagles for everything they achieved in such a short time. Their patience and expertise inspired, motivated and thrilled our pupils. We are very grateful and would love to have you back!



  1. Comment left by Eilidh Callaghan at 07:54:51 on Mar 03, 2016

    The computer programming was great fun.

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