Headteacher's Welcome

 Garry GrahamDear Parents/Carers,

 I’m Garry Graham and I will be working with you from August, 2017. I am delighted to have been afforded the opportunity to work with Milngavie Primary School and Early Learning and Childcare (ELC), building on the legacy afforded us by Linda Murphy.
 I bring with me a range of experiences from my time in education and my careers prior. This has included over 13 years in the role of Headteacher, supporting two schools with significant challenges. I very much hope to use these skills and experiences to support your school on its journey to becoming a centre of excellence. Having spent time getting to know the school and the staff in recent months, there are some areas we have identified as requiring focus. Whilst safeguarding, care and welfare and health and safety will be front and centre of our day-to-day routines, there are areas of priority that will be at the heart of our school’s development. 
Curriculum: We will continue to work as a staff to create a flexible, progressive and responsive curriculum. Resources, planning, assessment and moderation all have a part to play in this. As a leadership team will be encouraging a more creative model of curriculum delivery within the context of teaching and learning. One area where you may see an early shift in focus is within social studies and interdisciplinary learning. It is important that we start to move away from some of the traditional topics that are being delivered and introduce learning opportunities that are relevant to children’s lives and current experiences in the modern world. 
TWITTER AND FACEBOOK We will use Facebook and Twitter as additional ways to inform you about what is happening in our school. Follow us on twitter @HTmilngavie or join us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/milngavieprimary
Pupil Skills: As many of you will be aware, there is a high drop out rate of East Dunbartonshire pupils from College and University, compared to the national average. It is important that we start to develop the skills pupils need to succeed in later life at the earliest opportunity. Working on resilience and self - reliance will be a key feature of this. Helping children develop strategies to cope when things go wrong, or don’t go as anticipated, are part of this. Be that not achieving as expected in their schoolwork, not being selected to be part of an activity or event or managing positive relationships with peers are all opportunities to address key life skills. Solving problems, co-operation, managing conflict are just some of the many intra and inter personal skills that will be required in the modern world, particularly in the workplace of the future.
 Having met with the Parent Council and PTA I have sent a clear message that the school is very keen to work with parents, not only on matters of teaching and learning but in the wider sense. I am very aware that we have a parent cohort with many skills and networks. It would be to the benefit of all of our pupils if you can share your expertise to support our school in realising its ambitions. Enhancing our extra curricular offerings and improving the physical learning environment will be priorities for us at this time. If you have any suggestions as to how you could support these aims please do let us know – particularly if there is no financial outlay for the school! 
It is well known to us all that financial constraints are an ever-present feature of managing our operation. We will constantly strive to get best value from the funding we have, but this is not always an easy balancing act. Your support will be crucial if we are to make some of the shift changes we would like. Completing bids and applications are vital if we are to increase our revenue stream, providing us with opportunities to invest in additional resources to support our curriculum. We hope you can continue to support us in this regard.
 In the weeks ahead, however, the priority for me is meeting the children and getting to know them, their interests and their specific needs. If you have any information that you feel would help me do this more effectively, then please do get in touch. Similarly, if you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Please do not let an issue build up until it becomes a problem. Most situations can be quickly resolved if we know about them. As always, please inform us if there are any health or personal issues that have come to light over the summer recess that might impact on your child’s education. Such information allows us to best meet your child’s specific needs.
Kind regards,