November Round-Up

 HUGE THANK YOU!! Thank you to everyone who made donations to our Harvest Festival. The City Mission was overwhelmed by the generosity from our local community. Thank you so much for supporting the Homeless in our area during these difficult times.

aim highCURRICULUM UPDATE: In recent months we have been making improvements in a range of core curricular areas. Whilst we do not have the space to go into great detail here are some of the highlights of the work we have been doing recently: New resources for all aspects of Literacy and Numeracy across the school allowing for better progression and consistency; New reading scheme to support literacy development in infants supported by a more methodical programme to teach phonics; Specific resources to assist with additional support needs allowing enhanced provision in reading (e.g. Rapid Readers) and mathematics (e.g. SEAL programme), support for children with dyslexia and dyscalculia and specific interventions for those children that require such; Focus on physical, social and emotional well-being in a well disciplined yet nurturing environment; Staff are taking a more creative look at some of the wider topics they deliver to change the emphasis and focus, making the content more pertinent to children’s lives. Coding clubs, Barefoot Computing are just some of the IT developments but we know we have more to do as we move forward; Curriculum Rational being devised; New Forward Planning processes now agreed by staff and being trialled. School Attainment Strategic being followed by a Health and Well-being Strategy paper.

We are currently working with Education Scotland to embed a new Health and Well-being strategy tailored to the specific needs of our school. We have enhanced our tracking and monitoring procedures to capture a broader range of data which will impact upon our ability to better meet pupil’s individual needs. We will soon be meeting with staff to take a more rigorous look at individual pupil progress and track and monitor early interventions.

Work has been done on cyber bullying. This will be ongoing, however, as it is currently a widespread issue that we must all remain vigilant about. Other work is of course in hand around our school to improve its appearance, address issues of Health and Safety, Fire Safety and a range of new systems, procedures and operational approaches are being put in place to improve efficiency. These will not all be achieved immediately but a good start has been made. We hope that you see there is an increased level of communication. This will evolve over time. Our classes are using Class DoJo as part of their positive behaviour system.  One class is currently trialling the parent element of this. We will test the success of this to see if we can start extending the use of this further at a later date.

GOVERNMENT INFORMATION: In December the government will once again issue performance data on the Parentzone website about every school in Scotland, including the percentage of pupils who have achieved appropriate levels in reading, writing, talking and listening and maths. We will advise you when this goes live.

 SNSA — Scottish National Standardised Assessments: The school staff are currently in discussion as to when we feel it would be most appropriate to undertake these assessments. We want to ensure that these assessments are part of our planned assessment routines to capture a range of data as well as professional judgements on how best to plan for future learning. We want to avoid any possibility of this assessment becoming end of level ‘tests’. We also wish to avoid any likelihood of these assessments being viewed as high stakes, as that it not the intention. EDC Education Service will soon issue an information leaflet. In the interim please refer to the following website if you require more background: