Curriculum and Reporting to Parents 

We share the Early Stage of the Curriculum for Excellence with Primary 1.  Our curriculum is delivered by our experienced and highly trained staff, who provide exciting and stimulating learning environments and opportunities, based on the children’s interests.  Learning is interesting and fun, and play is the way we learn.  We plan our resources and environments carefully to ensure stimulation of, and progression in, our children’s learning.  Each child is an individual and respected as such.  Our children’s learning and progress is recorded by staff on an electronic Learning Journal, which can be accessed by their parents at any time.  Photographs and observations are included and next steps for learning are detailed.  There is an opportunity for dialogue in  Learning Journals as parents can leave comments or add achievements from home too.  There are also parents’ evenings, where parents can chat to staff about their child, and we have an open door policy where we encourage parents to feel that they have easy access to a meeting with their child’s keyworker, or just an informal chat, at any time.