BC & Tim Peake

Tim peakeWho is this pictured with Tim Peake, Britain’s most famous astronaut?
That’s right it’s BC, an enterprising pupil from Primary 6 Rm 11 who was one of 400 children to make it through 35 000 entrants at a recent space competition.
Tim Peake
BC, travelled to York University last weekend to meet Tim Peake. The whole family, including their eight month old baby, enjoyed watching their big brother pick up his prize; a science kit which will be used by the whole school for the next several years.
tim PeakeBC entered a competition to help enhance the ISS ( International Space Station) experience. BC designed a clean water system to help recycle urine on the station. Wow?
As you can see BC is seen wearing his Milngavie Primary uniform.
tim peake
‘Reach for the stars is our school motto and BC has just proved he is made of the right stuff!’ reported Mrs Macfarlane. ‘I am so proud of him. We are going to use this starter pack to find out more about space and the International Space station in particular.’Mrs Macfarlane
tim peake
‘The best bit was meeting Tim Peake. I asked him if he was going to the space station again and he said he was going in a couple of years. Tim Peake was smaller than he looked on TV,’ reported BC.
‘I found out that in space your skin rejuvenates and your eyes get better. This means that you can see further’
Mrs Macfarlane, on hearing this has agreed to organise a staff trip to the ISS as soon as possible!
Well done BC, you are a superstar!