The BiosphereLife exists all over our wonderful planet from the deepest parts of the ocean to the highest mountain peaks. This is called the Biosphere. 

During the summer term Primary 5 study the Biosphere.The Biosphere
Scientists are always studying our planet; they say that our planet is made up of lots of different areas or spheres;
Lithosphere- the solid surface of the earth 
Atmosphere- the layer of air above the lithosphere.
Hydrosphere- all the water on the earth, seas, lochs and rivers 
the BiosphereLiving things can be found in all of these places, therefore we call the places where life exists, the Biosphere.
the biosphere
We are studying one little part of the earth's biosphere. These little parts are called ecosystems. 
the biosphere
Here we are looking at all the ecosystems in our garden. Can you see our tadpoles? What do they need to survive?
the biosphere
We used our observations skills to note down details. We compared our notes with each other to check we didn't miss anything important.
biosphereIt is wonderful to work together in our beautiful garden learning all about the different types of life all around us.