1.The name of the sub-group of the Parent Council will be the “Milngavie Primary School Parent-Teacher Association”.


2. The aims of the Milngavie Primary School Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) are:-

  • to promote close co-operation between parents and teachers in all matters to do with the well-being of the school and its pupils
  • to engage in fundraising activities which support and advance the educational development of pupils attending the school
  • to encourage the development of social activities amongst parents and to work with other sub-groups of the Parent Council to do so.
  • to offer opportunities to discuss matters relating to the education and welfare of the pupils and report these back, if required, to the Parent Council.


3. Membership of the PTA is open to all members of the Parent Forum. Once selected members can serve up to three years.

4. The initial PTA will comprise of the membership of the Milngavie Primary School PTA Committee at the date the Parent Council is established. Each member shall serve out the remainder of their service after which they shall retire or seek re-election. Thereafter membership will be decided through elections held via “the schoolbag” prior to the Annual General Meeting of the Parent Forum.

5. The PTA will consist of no less than nine members and no more than twenty two; a maximum of two should be members of the teaching staff.

6. If a vacancy for a parent-representative of the PTA has occurred because of the failure of a member to complete their term, a new member will serve for the unexpired term of the member they have replaced. The PTA has the power to co-opt members to fill vacancies occurring in between AGMs; such appointments shall be for the period until the next AGM at which time any further unexpired term of office arising from the vacancy will be dealt with as detailed above.


7. Office Bearers will be the Chairperson, Vice-chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary who can serve for up to three years, and are elected by the group membership. The Secretary shall minute each meeting and ensure that copies of the minutes are sent to the Secretary of the Parent Council. The Head Teacher (or representative) shall be invited to all PTA meetings, whilst the position of the other teaching staff member shall be filled by rotation as organised by the teaching staff.

8. The PTA shall meet as frequently as necessary and at any time at the discretion of the Chairperson or at the request of at least three PTA members. At all meetings four shall represent the quorum.

9. The PTA will liaise with the Parent Council by reporting back through one of its (the PTAs) members at every meeting of the Parent Council. The PTA representative to the Parent Council will rotate with each rotation consisting of attendance at two consecutive Parent Council meetings. If the PTA representative cannot attend alternative arrangements must be made to ensure representation.

10. At the Annual General Meeting of the Parent Forum, discussion of, and voting on, business matters of the PTA shall be restricted to members of the Parent Forum.

11. The Annual General Meeting of the Parent Forum shall receive the reports of the PTA, the Parent Council and transact any other competent business.

13. At Annual General Meetings of the Parent Forum twenty five shall form the quorum.

14. No amendments to the Schedule can be made unless at the Annual General Meeting with notice of the proposed amendment to be given to the PTA membership not less than seven days prior the meeting, and being approved by not less than two thirds of the members present.


15. The PTA will work with the Parent Council through its liaison representatives and Treasurer (who will submit a written monthly report to the Parent Council) to inform the Parent Council of fundraising endeavours and to attain a view of fund-raising requirements.

16. The PTA shall have a separate bank account (from the Parent Council). The PTA shall have the power to determine how funds will be spent, and will also consider any funding requests from the Parent Council. (The Parent Council, as set out in its constitution, will include views from the school staff and Head Teacher.) The Treasurer will keep an accurate record of all income and expenditure, and will provide a summary of this to each PTA meeting and a full account for the Annual Meeting.