This year we are trying out our e-portfolios. This will take the form of an ongoing classroom blog letting parents know what we are enjoying most about our learning this year. As we are experimenting with the design , the layout of each page may change from time to time. Please let us know what you think by commenting below.

kidsThis term Primary 2 have been learning all about People Who Help Us.  We are most pleased with
o our listening skills on our visit to the fire station.
o our drawings of a fire engine because we coloured them      carefully.
o our Fireman faces because we cut them out neatly.
o Making fireman puppets because it was fun.
firefightersOther things we learned about
  • Mrs McIntosh’s job as a dental nurse
People  who help us, such as teachers and doctors.
We earned about  Firefighter uniforms and how they protect firefighters.