BLOGSPOTThis year we are trying out our e-portfolios. This will take the form of an ongoing classroom blog letting parents know what we are enjoying most about our learning this year. As we are experimenting with the design , the layout of each page may change from time to time. Please let us know what you think by commenting below.

credit unionThe Credit Union
During the autumn term Primary 6 worked collaboratively to study the Financial Education experiences and outcomes as outlined in the Curriculum for Excellence. Through exploring ethical trading, we began to understand how people’s basic financial needs are the same around the world. We identified essential banking services and explored how to budget for life. We discussed different ways to pay for items we needed or wanted, considering the benefits and risks of each method.
credit unionBy experiencing the setting up and running of a branch of the Credit union, we collaborated in making choices relating to the different roles and responsibilities involved and continue to evaluate the success of our in house bank.
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What are we most pleased with?
‘I am most proud of being able to tell people what to do in a way that they don't think I’m bossy. I am proud of getting the role of security manager because I was very scared about the interview.’ 
‘I am most pleased with the prezi that me and my team made. My team worked really well together, so I am quite pleased with our collaborative skills.’ 
‘I am most pleased with the development of my confidence skills because I am not shy anymore and I can talk to classes without being scared.’ 
‘I am most pleased with my job as vice-manager of the accountants because it has helped with my money and organisational skills.’ 
‘I am most pleased with getting my personal organisational skills improved.’ 
‘I am pleased with my work in the credit union. I improved on my maths skills. I am a security member because I want to help.’ 
‘I am so pleased with my interview because I became chairperson and now I feel more confident. And I feel better about my developing of my new set of leadership skills.’