This year we are trying out our e-portfolios. This will take the form of an ongoing classroom blog letting parents know what we are enjoying most about our learning this year. As we are experimenting with the design , the layout of each page may change from time to time. Please let us know what you think by commenting below.

This term in primary 2/3 we have been learning all about The Rainforest. We are now fantastic researchers and have learned where rainforests are located on a world map and what countries they are in. By working well with our partners we were able to label the four layers of the rainforest and even named some of the animals at each layer!

In addition to this, in ICT we have developed our skills by creating our own topic folder labels. We effectively typed our names, inserted clip art and added a border.


What are we most pleased with?
· ‘I am most pleased with my map work because I know where some of the jungles are’. Katy Mc
· ‘I am most pleased with my snake because I concentrated hard to draw round it’. Daniel
· ‘ The thing I am most pleased with it my snake because I really liked working with Ellis’. Katie C
· ‘I am most pleased with my snake because Katie and I were good partners’. Rachel
· ‘I liked the map work because I learned where the equator was’. Freya
· ‘I am most pleased with all the animals I have learned because I have got better at research’. Finn



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