This year we are trying out our e-portfolios. This will take the form of an ongoing classroom blog; letting parents know what we are enjoying most about our learning this year. As we are experimenting with the design , the layout of each page may change from time to time. Please let us know what you think by commenting below. 

Milngavie's churchesThe Milngavie Study
Primary 5 have been busy developing their knowledge and understanding of Milngavie and the churches.The topic of Milngavie was introduced in P3 and therefore the children were able to consolidate their knowledge of the local area whilst continuing to further develop their observational and research skills . There was a lot of interest when looking at old photographs. 
Mr Andrew FraterWe enjoyed a fabulous fact finding walk around the area which was assisted by a very knowlegeable, Mr Frater. This included enjoyable visits to several churches. During this the children were encouraged to observe, question and reason for example why buidings  were constructed and the impact on the community. 
We have as a class been sharing our learning and discussing the important skills that we have been using.