This year we are trying out our e-portfolios. This will take the form of an ongoing classroom blog letting parents know what we are enjoying most about our learning this year. As we are experimenting with the design , the layout of each page may change from time to time. Please let us know what you think by commenting below.
primary 1In term one we have been settling into Primary One and learning all about school life. 
We have learned a lot already and are delighted with all the new things we can do. 
What are we most pleased with?
“The grown up number 4 I did in my number book.”
“My writing in my handwriting jotter because it is now a smaller size.”
“I couldn’t read books before but now I can.”
“I can eat ALL of my packed lunch in the Bistro without feeling scared. “
“Writing number 5 in my number book.”
We have been learning to recognise and form our numbers to 10. We can count on and back in ones and can identify the number before and after within 10. 
What really made you think?
“I have to think hard about numbers before and after.”
“I have to count slowly so I don’t make a mistake.”
“I have to think about number 5 in case I do it the wrong way round.”
“When I’m counting I use the numbers on my watch to help me.”