EclipseWhat an extraordinary event we witnessed today, 20 March 2015. After much preparation and planning by Mrs Macfarlane and under the auspices of Professor Dutton, the school gathered in the upper playground to witness our first eclipse.


Every child received a piece of Mylar, kindly donated by Prof. Dutton, to prevent eye damage and to allow them a good view of the eclipse. Parents, pupils , teachers and ancillary staff gathered together to await  the eclipse. And we were not disappointed. 'It was certainly the best I've ever seen,' reported Mrs Macfarlane.
We all watched in amazement as the sun disappeared, the birds stopped singly quite so loudly, the security lights came on as the sky darkened and the air chilled. It was fantastic.
Later we retired to the classroom and tried some other ways of viewing the eclipse.
eclipseThank you very much to Professor Dutton and Mrs Macfarlane for organising this educational, informative and interesting event.