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Mrs Madsen, our gardening expert has advised. The PTA are ready. The Eco Committee are organised. The school waits with bated breath the start of , 'Grow a Meal 2015'
Click here for more information.grow a meal


Are you ready to come to school dressed in GREEN? Are you ready to design and build a table and chairs from recycled materials? You have a short time to think and plan. good Luck. Watch this space for the results.

Recycling is at the heart of our Eco school, and we have just sent away lots of stamps to the PDSA. Every ton of stamps raises £1500 for their charity. Did you know if you book a holiday with Cottages4you through the PDSA, the charity receives a donation.
Please continue to support our recycling efforts. Remember we collect: bottle tops, stamps, mobile phones, ink cartridges, clothes and batteries.

Watch this space for the raising of the flag! Will you be part of Earth Hour?

eco school
green flag
earth hour
We are an eco school.

Help us maintain our Green flag.

Make a difference, switch off the lights on Saturday 28 March 2015 at 8.30pm
Latest News -31 March- Over 30 million people worldwideand 163 pupils and their families in Milngavie Primary took part in Earth Hour. How GREEN are you?Have fun with this game.

What will you do for our planet?


  1. Comment left by Sandee (website) at 17:22:14 on Oct 23, 2012

    You could have a school ablemssy and have children speak into the microphone about how they and their family have become more eco-friendly at home. They could be recycling this or that, making their own yogurt or cottage cheese, instead of buying it therefore reducing transportation/packaging, growing their own veges, eating less red meat, recycling clothes, having holidays in their own country instead of flying somewhere, borrowing DVDs from the library,etc.Then a voting paper could be handed out and filled in.Or a show of hands vote for the best speaker.You could also decide on a class project for an eco-classroom.Each class could have a different project, such as making stuff from junk, junk art, having a dress-up party instead of a Macdonald's party, borrowing a DVD, making your own board games instead of buying them. More advanced ones for upper classes.

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