Energy conservationThis year 2014-15 one of our main themes will be Energy Conservation.

Every year the community of Milngavie Primary take part in Earth Hour. However, since our Eco themes connect with our work in science we intend encouraging families to sign up to our 'Save Energy' pledge. Mrs McElney and Mrs Macfarlane intend hosting a short assembly towards the end of term highlighting our achievements in this area. Watch this space for pictures of our success.

ConservationENERGY MONITORS The Eco Committee discussed the role of the class energy monitors. Here is a summary of their decisions:

Each class will receive an Energy Monitor badge. The role of the Energy Monitor will be:

to turn off the lights when not in use; close the doors to keep the heat in: make sure the whiteboard is off; shut down the computers in the ICT suite at the end of each day.