Milngavie Primary continues to support children from all over the world through

Our Christmas, Easter and Summer collections ensure that our children continue to receive an education and adequate healthcare. Thank you for your continued support.


HiatiJunior Saint Hilaire

D.O.B. 16/09/90


Sponsored from 1 April 1990

Junior attends Sunday School and bible class. He plays football and basket ball and enjoys singing and cycling. Junior helps around his home, cleaning, carrying water and gathering firewood. With our support Junior enjoys a Christian education, healthcare and the opportunity to develop vital social and life skills.

Immacualte Nakyanziuganda

D.O.B. 15/05/91


Sponsored from 1 June 1991 until March 2010

Immacualte has now left school. She attended Sunday School and bible class. Immacualte's community also benefitted from our support as sponsored children often teach their families how to read and write. Families then teach freinds and neighbours these vital skills.


PhilippinesShalane Caper

D.O.B. 23/02/90


Sponsored from 1 March 1999

Shalane attends Sunday School. She enjoys reading, art, walking, swimming, ball games, running, storytelling and listening to music. Shalane, washes clothes, looks after her younger siblings and helps around her home.

Shalane's community also benefit from our support.