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Homecoming ScotlandCalling all former pupils. Share your stories and experiences after leaving Milngavie Primary by leaving a comment below.

Where are you now? What do you do? What did you enjoy most about Milngavie Primary? What did you enjoy least? How did attending Milngavie Primary help you?

We would like to congratulate all former pupils of Milngavie Primary who have gone on to achieve success in life. Please send an e mail and photograph if you would like to be included in our roll of Honour.


Where are they now?
Former pupil former pupils
Fraser Macmillan- Pilot Class photo P1 Miss Chisholm's class 1971. Neil McMaster is the blonde boy 3rd from left on the top row.
Laura Wilkie  former pupils

Laura Wilkie- Doctor. Now married with a daughter and living in Australia.

 former pupils



  1. Comment left by Julie Bannerman nee Clelland at 19:35:15 on Jun 07, 2009

    I attended Milngavie Primary from 1977-1983. I have fond memories of playing polesy in the shelter in the upper playground where everyone screamed to get tagged then run like crazy from one end of the shelter to the other! My favourite teacher was in P2 and she was called Mrs McDonald and I also really liked Mrs Marshal in P7. My best memory is of our P7 trip to London which was fantastic, we all thought we were so grown up being so far away from our parents. When I began primary I was very shy and withdrawn but by the time I left I was much more confident and had loads of great friends. As most of you know I am now an early years worker in Milngavie Nursery Class which is hard work but great fun especially when children of my classmates start Nursery!

  2. Comment left by lorna masson at 15:13:35 on Jun 17, 2009

    I started Milngavie Primary in 1963 when I was four ,there used to be two intakes in the school year (so now I have given my age away) I have returned to live in Milngavie after spending five years in Hamilton. I have two children who attend Milngavie Primary in P1 and P5. I qualified as a Primary Teacher and then completed a Post Grad in Youth and Community work. I now work as a community learning and development worker . It is hard to choose a favourite thing so I have three things I enjoyed most about school, 1 Playing with my friends in the playground. 2 Mrs Mclean as a teacher in P6 and P7. 3 the school cruise in P7 I least enjoyed the bottles of milk we used to get especially if they had been left near a radiator or in the sun and we had to drink them WARM yuck. Attending Milngavie Primary gave me a good education and the importance of learning.

  3. Comment left by john walker reid at 16:16:17 on Apr 03, 2010

    I left Milngavie school in 1945 I was the dux medalist in that year I still have the medal ,which I cherish. I am now a Canadian and spend my time between Ontario and our place in Florida

  4. Comment left by Neil McMaster at 18:15:04 on Mar 08, 2011

    I was a pupil here with my twin brother from August 1971 (5) until June 1978. We lived at the house my mother and father still live in at Strathblane road and I remember walking to School every day and cutting through Cairns church. Miss Chisholm was my teacher for the first Two years. 1978 was actually quite a good year to be there as the School celebrated it's 100th anniversary. The janitor was a nice guy called Mr Shirky and the headmaster was Mr Thompson or "Tommy" as he was known behind his back and there were a few teachers to be wary of, Miss Davidson and Mrs Choat spring to mind. Mrs Choat had two sons who were fighter pilots in the RAF and Norman used to come in when I was in primary 5 and talk to us about being a fighter pilot. Very appealing to a 10 year old boy. I still have the primary 1 class photo if you would like me to scan it and send it to you. I am still in contact with quite a few of my old classmates through facebook and quite a few have done very well in life. Half my class in primary 7 left to join the newly opened Craigdhu primary so we had a composite class for the rest of the year P6/P7. Overall I have good memories of my time at your School.

  5. Comment left by John Round at 10:27:46 on Mar 12, 2011

    I attended Milngavie Primary till June 1963. I then moved to Australia at age seven. To be honest, I hated school and left early...funny thing is I returned to study and have had several professional careers (currently a school teacher!). I have never been back to Scotland but would like to one day (any teaching jobs??).

  6. Comment left by Elaine Chester (Stead) at 21:16:37 on May 30, 2012

    I cannot believe Neil has posted this picture. I remember Neil and his twin brother well! I'm 5th from the left on the front bench. Blonde hair, blue hair band! Miss McClements was my favourite teacher in P3, she kept us all captivated with her stories, and hated parma violets! I moved to Craigdhu for my final year of Primary School, but have enjoyed a trip down memory lane the last 7 years, as I've watched my own son progress through MPS.

  7. Comment left by rico riccomini at 21:00:06 on Feb 15, 2013

    i was at this school around 1981/82 and was interested if any one can remember me!!! kind regards rico

  8. Comment left by May Dalton(Wood) at 06:49:29 on Jun 15, 2013

    I attended Milngavie primary from 1945 till qualifying year then went to Bearsden Academy I really liked Milngavie school my brother was 2 years ahead of me when I look at the comments from other students I feel quite old(which I am)Any chance of publishing any photos from that timeI now live in Queensland Australia went back 18 months ago Milngavie had changed so much

  9. Comment left by work at home business (website) at 08:28:05 on May 25, 2014

    Everything is very open with a clear description of the challenges. It was really informative. Your site is very helpful. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Comment left by Alison Dunlop at 11:37:29 on Jun 07, 2014

    Comment left by Alison Dunlop on June 7th 2014. Looking through this page and noticed photograph, which I am in, Miss Chisolm's class primary 1, 1971, such along time ago! I am the wee girl with the blue ribbon in her hair: ( third row from the front, 2nd from left). I really liked the primary school, all the teachers were nice .Remember taking flowers to Mrs Miller, every Friday, when I was in the huts, whilst in primary four. My Gran had such a lot of various interesting plants in her garden, thought teacher would like them, possibly cause I was not too good at the Arithmetic, but certainly, good at selecting flowers, to please!! I still live in Milngavie, and of a maturer age of 48. Reflecting back all my family on Fathers side have attended Milngavie Primary, and have old photos. Left school in 1982, Douglas Academy, I am a Mental Health Support Worker, and a Reiki Practitioner.

  11. Comment left by melvin Shirkie at 06:35:48 on Jun 30, 2015

    My name is Melvin Shirkie, I was a pupil at the school from 1970 until 1973, as my father Alex Shirkie was the janitor. I then attended Douglas Academy. My friends at Milngavie primary were Gary Skillen and Kelvin Daly. When at Douglas Academy, my friends also included, George Williamson, Jim Cunningham, Martin Roger. I emigrated to Australia in 1985 to pursue an acting career, as I also attended the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. I had parts on Neighbours, Prisoner and various other parts. my wife Clare, who is Australian and I have two children and four grandchildren. We reside on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Clare and I come over to Scotland regularly. Sadly my father passed away three years ago but my mother still resides in Milngavie. My wife and I hope to visit the School when we come over next year, I came across this website by accident, when googling Milngavie! Regards, Melvin Shirkie.

  12. Comment left by Lorraine Sharp (née Wyness) at 19:59:29 on Jan 02, 2016

    Pupil at Milngavie Primary 1953-60. Loved it. Headteacher Mr Hutchison. Great teachers. Miss Webster, Mrs Buchanan, Miss Adair, Miss Dunlop and the best teacher ever ... Miss Macfarlane. Does anyone temember SU on Friday lunchtime? Packed out, in the Music Room at the top of the stairs. Anyone remember Miss Burns, the Music teacher and also Miss Hogg? We used to win a lot of choir competitions at Glasgow Music Festival. Friends at school, Edith Ireland, Lindsay Robertson, Sheila Garvie, Ailsa Malcolm, Norma Lumsden. Wonderful grounding in all areas of education. Went on to University and did fairly well in life.

  13. Comment left by Moira C. Walker at 10:54:36 on Jun 08, 2017

    My Dear Late Mum was a pupil at the school. Her name was Moira Dickie. Sadly Mum passed away November 4, 2010 but will always be in my heart. The Dickie's stayed at 10 Craigton Road Milngavie. My grandfather was the late Matthew M. Dickie Tenor and my nana was Norah Dickie. Mum also had 2 brothers John Dickie who was shot down in a Lancaster Bomber during the war and whose name is on the war memorial in the village and a brother George Dickie who passed away last year at the age of 87. Mum's best friend at school was the late Mary McLuckie who passed away last December at the age of 91. Mum and Mary went to school from the age of 4. Mum left Milngavie in 1950 with many others and resided in Hamilton, Ontario. Mum went on to Bearsden Academy and from their to Barr and Strouds after leaving Milngavie Primary. She was a wonderful mother as were my grandparents Norah and Matthew Dickie. May they all rest in peace. I miss them all so much. I was called after my dear Mum. I am her daughter Moira Charlotte Walker who married in Bearsden and now resides in Ancaster, Ontario. Canada

  14. Comment left by Peter S Maitland at 20:56:06 on Dec 06, 2017

    I attended Milngavie Primary School from 1942 to 1949. I have many good memories of my time there - and of excellent teachers. Mr Hutchison was headmaster but my favourite teacher was Miss Jean Graham (who eventually married the headmaster). In 1948 I broke my arm and ended up for a few days in the Western Infirmary. Miss Graham arranged for every member of the class to write me a short letter, so I had dozens of these - most of them saying the same thing - how the tadpoles in the classroom were doing and how nice the daffodils were! I also remember the wonderful school dinners (remember it was wartime) cooked by local ladies in the school canteen! Excellent meals - and seconds were available if there was enough. I went on to Bearsden Academy and then to Glasgow University where, though retired, I am still an Associate Professor

  15. Comment left by John Bishop Murray at 16:49:34 on Dec 07, 2017

    I started at Milngavie Primary in 1942 and my first teacher was a Miss Grahame Infants 1 was divided ito two calls and the other one was taught by Miss McGilvary Ironically my last teacher iun p7 "The Qually" was also a miss Grahame who later married the Headmaster Mr.Wiliam hutchison. I was always impresed by the qualityofthe food served at Scool Denners. Especially the day we got Real Stewed eef It had to be goiod asit was made with several pounds of beef unlikethemeagre amounts o beef allowed under food Rationing for the whole family and the remarkable cost of good dinners 5 times a wee was 5 pence per day . I left after the Qually to attedn Beardsen Academy until I was 16 I then started working with theForestry Commision in Fife but found the work rather tiring and miseraaable being out in all weathers I then traineda as a Taaxidermist in Kelvingrove Museum after wards going to work in the Natural Histor Musei#um in Nottingham wherI met my wife i then came back to scotland and worked in the then Royal Scottish MUseum in Edinburgh . i next took over the post office in Stoneyburn near Bathgate where I remained for 26 years until until I retired in 2003 and moved to the West Midlands Once part of Staffordshire Formost of my lih-[fe I jhave been involved with training and hunting with Golden Eagles but have now taken to a more relaxing life style building Model Railways I have many happy memories of Milngavie and the school and keep intouch with a few of my old schoolfriends dotted all over the world.

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