Golden Buddies

golden buddies

At Milngavie Primary we operate a scheme called “Golden Buddies” as part of programme of Personal and Social Development and Citizenship.

Pupils from Primary 6 and 7 are invited to apply for a post as a “Golden Buddy”, which involves filling in an application form and attending an interview. The job of a “Golden Buddy” is to ensure that during playtimes, no pupil is ever alone, sad or upset in the playground. golden buddies

“Golden Buddies” receive training in playground games and work on a rota system so that they are not on duty every week and that their duties are rotated throughout the playgrounds of our two buildings. “Golden Buddies” are easily spotted in the playground as they wear golden hats with the logo “Be Happy with a Golden Buddy at Milngavie Primary.

Here are just a few of our pupils who are proud to wear their Golden Buddy hats.