Greenhouse 2

greenhouseA bit of rain didn’t stop our P7 team  heading out to the garden to work on the greenhouse. This week we also welcomed two dads to the team; Professor Dutton and Mr Stevenson. Thank you.









The plan for this session was to fully assemble two of the greenhouse side panels. We used our previously acquired joinery skills to cut bamboo canes to size  (careful measurement required) and to saw the wood needed for the panels. This week also saw the introduction of hammers to the ‘tool list’. A steady hand was needed for the hammering of nails to ensure a sturdy  frame. The afternoon was a great success and the P7s were able to view the fruits of their labour ; 2 completed side  panels with bottles in place.


Another positive from this building session was the fact that it was evident that the newly fitted land drains were working. The team were able to work without a puddles in sight. Thanks go to the parents/teachers who helped during the last family gardening day. Not only did they fit land drains but raised beds were completed, the willow pruned and the garden had a general tidy up before winter.