Grow a MealMrs Madsen, our gardening expert has advised. The PTA are ready. The Eco Committee are organised. The school waits with bated breath the start of , 'Grow a Meal 2016' This year our Primary 7 , 'GROW A MEAL' ambassadors have taken ownership of our gardening project as part of their,'John Muir' Award.

grow a meal
Presently groups are working on PowerPoint presentations which they will present to every class in the school. Pupils will advise classes on how to best grow vegetables while emphasising the health benefits of eating a variety of vegetables. 

Every stage in the school, apart from P1 and P2, has been allocated two vegetables to grow. Teachers are planning to implement the suggestions; perhaps each class will grow a different vegetable or each class will plant half their area with one vegetable and the other half with another vegetable.

Grow a MealFirst of all the plots need to be prepared. This will be done on Family Gardening Day in late February. Mrs Madsen will then allocate each stage a plot: paying particular attention to the conditions needed for each vegetable variety.

Small wooden signs, designed by the classes, will identify the vegetable and the plot.

Grow a MealClasses will record their observations, comparisons and photographs in a simple diary.

It is hoped, weather permitting, that all the vegetables will be ready to harvest by late June.

Pupils will then enjoy some of the vegetables in the Bistro or even come home with a , 'meal in a bag'.

Grow a Meal

Watch this space for photographs of our progress.