Hall of Fame

Primary 6 are currently writing the rules for our Hit the Button competition. Watch this space for updates.

How to compete

Nerves of steel and brains the size of planets are needed to compete in this highly competitive environment. First log on to Hit the button, and choose a table to practice. When you are feeling proficient ask your teacher to witness your efforts on the class whiteboard. All record breaking scores must be attempted on an interactive board and witnessed by a teacher. Good luck.
Lucy M (then, P5) has held the nine times table record since 2012 with a score of 62. There are presently no recorded scores for the 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 10 times tables. Will you be the first to hold the record?
Hit the Button Record Holders
  Table Score Date Name Class Table Score Date Name Class Table Score Date Name Class
  9 X table 92 16.5.12 Ashwyn P6 8 X table 92 4.5.12 David P.6 7 X table 95 17.5.12 Ashwyn P.6
    92 16.5.12 Gillian P6             92 16.5.12 David P6
    76 28.3.14 Orla P6   72 28.3.14 Orla P6   77 28.3. Orla P6
  6X table 86 28.3.14 Orla P6                    
    83 4.10.12 Euan P.6                    
    76 15.5.12 Finn P6