HWBHealth and Wellbeing is at the core of education at Milngavie Primary School.  Our aim is to build on pupils’ prior knowledge whilst ensuring individual needs are met.  The Health and Wellbeing Education in Milngavie Primary School encompasses the following:

Development of knowledge and understanding
Development of appropriate skills
Development of attributes needed to maintain wellbeing now and for their future lives.
healthHealth and Wellbeing Education in Milngavie Primary School addresses:
Mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing
Planning for choices and changes
Physical Education, Physical activity and Sport
Food and Health
Outdoor Education 
Substance Misuse
Relationships, sexual health and parenthood
A nurturing approach is being developed throughout the school, in addition profiling is used to identify and support pupils with specific needs who will benefit from a targeted intense approach.
Learning and Teaching
healthThe Health and Wellbeing programme in Milngavie Primary School is delivered throughout the school year in all year groups, using a variety of learning approaches and resources. This allows pupils to experience choice, breadth, challenge and enjoyment.  These programmes are outlined in the Health and Wellbeing planners, for each year group. Regular reflections and evaluation of current learning and teaching practises allow continual development and modification of the programmes to meet learners’ needs.
Connected learning is embedded and supports class education of the health and Wellbeing programme, and includes:
Learning Journeys
Circle  Time
School Committees
Afterschool Clubs
Golden Buddies
Eco school
Seasons for Growth
Termly planners outline a progression of learning through the school years.  Organisers create a framework detailing the significant key aspects of learning namely:
Responsible Choices
Keeping Well
Keeping Safe
healthThe planning cycle consists of 4 blocks: August to October, October to December, January to March and April to June. Teachers highlight to show the parts of the programme that are to be achieved for a particular group of learners. Teachers tick and date the planner when the target has been achieved and any notes of relevance are made. During Target Setting, teachers and management discuss progress made.
Resources required are detailed in specific planning and assessment sheets which allowed recording and evaluation of lessons to inform future teaching and planning.
Supporting Health and Wellbeing
Milngavie School is committed to providing additional support for the pupils in our school as and when required.  Additional needs are met through the use of school resources and access to additional educational resources such as Pupil Support Groups and Getting It Right for Every Child (GIRFEC).