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  1. Comment left by Anthony Veal at 23:34:42 on Mar 14, 2012

    Hello, attended the school 1953/54 migrating to Australia June '54. Mostly happy memories of the scool with my friend Andrew Crawford, we came by train from Westerton, (most exciting by steam !) memories include The History Teacher (Can't remember hs name), through him I have had a life long interest in History, arts teacher for the strap he gave me, two up each arm and crying with the pain for talking, Still do! The Janitor handing out the milk and a few extra at afternoon break if left over !The girls giving food they cooked through the fence to boyfriends, mostly horrible stuff like brains ! The gym, fantastc learning to summersault over the horse, not eating school lunches and buying yesterdays cakes at half price in town instead, and making a brickies trowel in metal work and woodwork. Well some of my memories. My step grandmother, Jean Bowie, worked in the cake shop when we visited in 1974, and was apparently well known, as walkng around the town with her we seem to be introduced to everybody ! Regards Tony.

  2. Comment left by Santosh Macaden at 08:37:33 on Dec 10, 2013

    Hi, I attended MPS between 1977-79. My sister Priya Macaden and I were the only Indian kids or rather the only brown kids at the time! I fondly remember Ms. Macintosh my class teacher. I have a picture of myself along with a few other students posing for a photo shoot for the local tabloid. I am now based in Bangalore, India and work for software product company called Invensys. My deepest regards to the staff and students of MPS!

  3. Comment left by Lesley Carden at 18:13:32 on Jan 17, 2015

    I attended MPS from 1968-73 with my brothers Mark (3 years older) and Phil (2 years younger). When we moved to Milngavie from England (Bath) we had 'posh' accents, but soon blended in with the locals. The school, when we started, had the playground between boys and girls divided by a high wall and a high gate. The boys used to climb over and the wall was later removed. I remember Miss Forbes in my last year there. At age 11 I was taller than her. I have lots of fond memories: doing handstands against the dining room wall; drinking milk from tetrahedron cartons; and the less fond memory of carrying my tray of rejected custard and lumpy mash potatoes below the height of the dining table hoping not to be caught!

  4. Comment left by Susan Robertson / Irwin at 19:27:44 on Jun 09, 2016

    I went to MPS from 1954-64 I remember the headmaster and Mrs Hall the ministers daughter from St Luks church and Mrs Forbes also the Huts and I think a Mrs Chisholm who had a class in the huts I also remember taking the register with a boy called Freddie to the headmasters office and getting a sweetie. Fond memories

  5. Comment left by Susan Robertson at 19:59:17 on Jun 09, 2016

    I wrote a comment earlier saying the teacher was Mrs Forbs but now remember her name was Mrs Buchannan and I went from 1954 -1960

  6. Comment left by Alan Buchanan at 20:13:32 on Jun 10, 2016

    I attended MPS from '57-'63. Remember headmaster Mr. Climie, teachers Mr. Hutchison, Mrs. Howe, Mrs McCarthur.... Classmates... George Irwin, Brian Mason, Danny Milne, Alice Harvey, Gillian Meikle? ( memory not so good now).... No roof on toilets ( had to scrape off the snow in the winter!! ) Happy memories :-)

  7. Comment left by John at 21:43:19 on Feb 16, 2017

    Looking for help about Mr Climie where he was from and when he retired etc can anyone help me

  8. Comment left by jeffrey colin davies at 13:14:37 on Sep 07, 2017

    Hello I recently wrote a piece about Milngavie 54 to 62 and recorded it. I posted it on YouTube My channel is jock588 It is called Clochbar: Childhoods End Hope you enjoy Very happy times😀

  9. Comment left by Thelma Will (MacPherson at 16:12:56 on Oct 19, 2017

    Regarding Alan Buchanan's comment at number 6. SO glad to read your remarks about their being no roof on the toilets. My family refuse to believe that there was NO roof over them. They're all saying, surely over the cubicles and pans, but no, we were open to the elements all year round. You didn't dilly dally. Hardy boys and girls in those days. I was there from 1957 as well. My chums were Christine McLean, Carol Mowatt, Moira Walls, Barbara MacPherson, (no relation) Pat Malcolm amongst others. Mr Fraser was Headmaster. He stayed in the big stone house next door.

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