Primary Three


  • I will be giving out all the spelling words on a Monday. I would like where possible to see all spelling handed in on a Friday. Your child can work on a few words a night or they can be completed in one block. Your child can hand in their spelling homework before Friday but it will only be marked once all the words have been written out.

  • Spelling words to be written out twice at home. Follow the instructions on the inside cover of the jotter. We will begin with 8 words and build up to 12 a week.

On Friday I will be checking each child’s ability to spell the words for that week. A Thursday night is an important night to work on the spelling. The results of the assessments will be entered into the Learning Journeys. There will be no reading given for a Friday.

The Parent Maths Prompts can be used for oral Maths concepts which are being worked on in class.

  • Even though we will be working on a new group of words each week it is important that your child revises previous groups of words.

  • On most Thursday evenings I will also give a small amount of handwriting. In Primary 3 we start joining our letters and this will allow your child to revise the new join taught in class.

  • Other homework will be given to reinforce and revise the work of the class. Not all homework will be written but may be oral or practical.

  • Information about the homework to be completed, including the reading will be found in the Homework Diary.

  • You will notice that we are using four lines instead of two for virtually all language work. As these jotters have no margins. I would appreciate if you could along with your child, draw on margins for the next week’s work.

Many thanks and good luck for great homework!

Liz Graham