Homework Help

Here are some Maths and Language games we have been playing in our class and the ICT suite.


Have some fun at home, click on the links below!
Maths1 Maths2 Maths 3
Practise your VCOP with the penguins! This time the penguins will help you with hundreds, tens and units!

Number bonds to 20 -how quickly can you answer the questions!

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Write an acrostic poem with the help of this website! Help the monkeys cross the swamp and practise your Maths too! Hit the Button! Times tables, division facts, number bonds... they are all here to practise!
Table Mountain
Money Snap!, Clockwise and Bargains Galore - have a go and be a Maths Whiz! Table mountain; practise your tables here! The Crazy Counting Machine!
Hare and Tortoise Mangahigh
Use this great website to write your own stories! Halves, quarters and thirds - practise with the Hare and the Tortoise. Click on the icon above to log in to Mangahigh.com