computerDuring the autumn term our new ICT skills will include learning to;

  • save and retrieve work
  • change the text size, font and style of documents
  • highlight, copy and paste text and graphics
  • use the spell check facility
  • centre, justify and align text
  • move and copy text from one document to another
  • use the tab key to make a list.
  • powerpointOctober- December Finding information. This term we will be studying 'Charities'. We will be learning how to;
  • open a web browser
  • enter a url
  • select a link and
  • return to a previously visited page

January- April This term we will be exploring Roamer, our introduction to computer programming. We will also be using GLOW, the Scottish Schools digital network, to research information and discuss ideas and opinions. We will report our findings using powerpoint.