KISS sumsThis year we are trying to Keep Important Skills Sharp (KISS). This means we try to complete ten sums every day within a target time. If we achieve ten correct sums five days in a row we get to wear a maths wristband. We set our own targets. If we manage six correct sums in seven minutes one day, we will aim to manage seven correct sums in seven minutes the next.


KISS sumsIf we manage to hit the magical ten we will try to achieve ten correct sums in a quicker time. In order to achieve success we give ourselves advice each day; what do I need to know or do to achieve my target? We love KISS sums!

And now we are introducing KISS Grammar where we  practise our handwriting while reinforcing the use of capital letters, full stops, commas , colons and question marks etc.

Pupils are encouraged to set up their jotters in the following way:

·       Short date with dots between numerals
·       Heading in the centre of page
·       Numbers in left hand margin
·       Take a new line for each question.
·       Don’t miss a line between questions.

We set ourselves targets for the next day in the same way as our KISS sums.