May Shows

scienceWe have a long history of terrific science shows in Milngavie Primary, where our pupils are informed, educated and entertained. This May the upper school have been treated to a fabulous Renewable Energy show, while the lower school enjoyed an explanation of Day and Night.

day and night

Mrs Macfarlane our science teacher reports,'The PTA made it possible by generously paying for Generation Science to visit the school last week. P1-P3 were learning all about Day or  Night.'
 'Science shows are great!. I just love them,' said one excited P3. 'We were learning why the day becomes night.'
 science show
Mrs Macfarlane, our science teacher, further reported, 'The PTA made it possible by generously paying for Generation Science to visit the school this week. P1-P3 were entertained as well as informed all about Day or Night. This was an entertaining storytelling introduction to night and day looking at the Sun, Moon and Earth. The children joined   Benny and Jack on a journey of discovery as they learned what children in different places around the world are doing at exactly the same time. Why is one child getting up just as another goes to bed?'
P4-P7 were similarly entertained and taught all about renewable energy.
In this theatrical show, pupils were  transported through the process from electricity creation to its use in the home. By investigating with Alex and Lee pupils looked at renewable and non-renewable energy generation, their connection to the smart grid and uncovered the implications for our future energy consumption. 
science show
These shows consolidate pupils'scientific knowledge and understanding and perhaps motivate them to think of science as a career.
We are very grateful to the PTA for providing these opportunities. In particular Mrs Macfarlane is most appreciative of Kirsty Bain for all her hard work in organising these events.
When's the next one?