No-School Days

SNOW DAYS NO SCHOOL no school days no school days no school day
Fancy a challenge? Log onto Manga High and have fun developing your maths skills! Work out your spending power by playing money games. Here is another money game to play. Practise your multiplication using these interesting games. We have been studying maps and mapping for our topic. Try this website to use your mapping skills!
no school days no school day no school day snow day snow day

Look out of the window and list all the nouns you can see.

As an extra challenge add adjectives to describe the nouns!


Write a personal diary about the what you did on your days off. Remember to include feelings! Be ready to share this back at school.


Look at yourself in a mirror and draw a self portrait. Remember to space out your eyes, nose and mouth. Look longer than you draw!

View from your room: draw or paint what you see from your room.





If it's a snow day can you think of the activities you can do outdoors in snowy weather. Write them down and if you do any of them mark them out of ten for enjoyment. Did you do any 10/10 activities?

Can't attend school because the weather is dreadful? Never fear, school is here! Click on the websites above and enjoy the suggested activities. How many can you complete before the roads are clear and school reopens?