Credit Union OpensNow we are open for business. Pictured on the left are our  accountants   as they take charge of the Milngavie Branch of the Scotwest Credit Union for the very first time!

credit Union Opens

Security personnel are on hand to help members fill in their deposit forms.

credit Union Opens

Our Accountants fill in members' deposit books and record the amount in the logbook. A trainee accountant observes the transactions.

credit Union Opens

On the right is  our 'CONFIDENTIAL FOLDER' which is used by any one who can't personally attend the bank; e.g teachers or people at gym

We guarentee to keep all monies safe and secret. At the end of business all monies and log books must be checked and checked again before it is handed to our office personnel.

Details of all transactions are passed to the office who immediately send it off to ScotWest Credit Union. The money is stored in a secure place until uplifted the same afternoon. Our team work very hard to keep everyone's money and details safe.