Science show

There was great excitement when the Outreach Science workshop visited Milngavie Primary. Outreach is part of Glasgow Science Centre which offer a range of exciting and inspiring activities for pre-school, primary and secondary pupils, all with direct links to the Scottish Curriculum.

The show delved into the workings of the human body. It was hugely entertaining and and extremely informative.

Outreach also set up an exhibition concentrating on two main themes; the human body and electricity. Exhibits included a human torso, skeletal hands and a variety of circuits. electricity

We would like to thank the PTA who provided this hands on approach to science. Every child from P4 to P7 had an exciting and engaging educational experience.

We love investigating how things work.

kids and electricity


Discovering how electricity is produced is much more fun when we can touch, see and feel.

science show




We are trying out lenses.


It's not as easy as it looks trying to put a body back together..

blood pressure


Watch your blood pressure!





This is what happens when we eat the wrong type of food.

Thank you

Thank you for a great afternoon researching the digestion process.