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teacherLost the reading record, forgotten what the homework programme is, would like to know more about decomposition? Follow the links on the left. Please contact us if futher information is required;

Homework may change throughout the year, however, here is a copy of the general homework pattern.

  1. 1. Learn spelling words by writing them 3 times and use the Look, Say, Cover and Check method.
  2. Choose 5 of these words and think of a good sentence. Now up-level that sentence. Remember , homework should be as neat as classwork!
  3. 3. Ask and adult to CHECK and SIGN your work. Hand in all work by the end of the week. This ensures that it is assessed and recorded promptly.
  4. 4. A Maths worksheet may be given out during the week. Please ask and adult to CHECK and SIGN before handing in.
  5. 5. Every week there will be a mental arithmetic and spelling test. Practise here.
  6. 6. Use your homework jotter to record any notes or remenders.
  7. 7. During Term 1 you will be issued with a school reading book. However, always have a novel of your own choice in your homework folder.
  8. 8. look at at Reading Reward scheme which begins in Term 2.
  9. 10. Check your bag every night to ensure you have the correct tools for the next day: 2 sharp pencils,an eraser,sharpener, long ruler, glue stick, pair of scissors, colouring crayons or pencils, think black felt pen, pencil case, homework folder.
  10. Term 3 and 4 homework includes a Scottish poem, related topic taks and language cloze procedure exercises.
  11. It's a busy year,
  12. Mrs Gilchrist, Mrs Macfarlane & Mrs McRoberts