Phys. Education

Welcome to our Physical Education section.Phy Ed                       As part of our Health and Wellbeing programme, all pupils participate in a full range of PE activities from games to gymnastics, dance, fitness and athletics.  There are many opportunities to participate in extra-curricular events such as football tournaments, netball matches, golf and athletics festivals supported by enthusiastic staff and the local Active Schools team.

Through our PE programme we aim to
Engage in purposeful and enjoyable physical activities
Develop physical skills and competencies
Develop knowledge and understanding of the concepts involved and the ability to apply these in various contexts
Develop self-awareness, confidence and social skills
Develop the ability to meet challenges presented in a variety of physical settings
Develop life-long attitudes to health and fitness
Develop critical appreciation of their own performances and those of others
Develop a sense of fair play and resilience
Dress code
Pupils are expected to wear dark shorts, a school T-shirt and clean, proper-fitting gym shoes.  Parents should remember to check that gym shoes still fit properly throughout the school year as little feet tend to grow when you least expect them to!  Santa or the Easter Bunny might need to bring new gym shoes as the shoes purchased in August rarely fit for an entire school year without damaging feet.
Health & Safety
Under EDC Health & Safety regulations all jewellery must be removed.  Anyone who cannot remove their jewellery will not participate in PE lessons until the items are removed.  Earrings cannot be ‘taped over’.  Please note that having ears pierced during term time can result in your child missing two PE lessons per week, for up to six weeks, as well as being unable to participate in extra-curricular physical activities.
Similarly, all loose hair must be tied back and no chewing is allowed during PE.
J Lindsay
PE Specialist