Science Teacher of the yearSaturday 9 January 2010 was an auspicious day for Mrs Laura Macfarlane when she attended the Association of Science education’s annual award ceremony in Nottingham University. Mrs Macfarlane was there to receive one of their most coveted and prestigious awards;Primary Science teacher of the year. Congratulations, Mrs Macfarlane we are so very proud of you for being the only Scottish representative at this United Kingdom event and for bringing this incredible award to our school.The competition is open to any primary science teacher who is; innovative and creative, contributes to science development in their school and effectively engages pupils in the excitement and fascination of science.

There was then a wonderful lunch where award winners met heads of the ASE and the Royal Society, university dignitaries and the event sponsors,Astra Zenica Science trust.

science teacher of the year

In addition to receiving £1000 to purchase Science equipment for our school, Mrs Macfarlane was also presented with 6 new digital logging devices and discount vouchers worth over £200. The logging devices allow, among other things, pupils to record heat, light and sound levels and display them in graphic form on the computer. Milngavie Primary is well and truly prepared for the 21st century. What sort of scientist will you become?
Just as exciting is the prospective visit to our school by one of the ASE trustees who will bring a cheque for £1000. Mrs Macfarlane has already earmarked this money for new science equipment. We wonder what she will buy?

science teacher of the year

Congratulations and thank you Mrs Macfarlane. We are 
very proud of you.