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Homework Programme

I hope you find this homework sheet useful.

It is our intention that the children copy their weekly spelling on a Monday. The children then learn their words for Friday by the LaSaCaWaC method. All homework should be handed in on Fridays but earlier if desired.

The children should write the tasks, listed below in their homework diaries on Mondays. Initially this is difficult for children but it does get easier with practice.

The Maths Parent Prompt should be retained for constant practice.


Group Reading and Worksheets (WS)

Times tables practice (Daily)

Maths Work (Written or Oral)

Recorder Practice (from September)

Revise Spelling for assessment

Topic if issued

As long as the homework is completed weekly, it can be done in any order. These are only guidelines.

Please practise the common words as we shall assess them throughout the session.

We shall update the homework programme on our website each term.

Homework Pack Contents

· Homework Diary

· 1-1000 Booklet

· Language Jotter

· Maths Jotter

· Times table sheet

· Number bond sheet

· Common word sheet

· Reading book and worksheets

· Maths Parent Prompts (to be retained)

Parents can best help with homework by:

  • Hearing the relevant reading pages and discussing the story with the children.
  • Practising the times tables, chanting them, and giving quick fire questions.
  • Continually reinforcing the number bonds to 20.
  • Encouraging your child to complete written work neatly.
  • Work with your child on the 1-1000 booklet as suggested.

As always, please contact us if you have any problems.

Equipment List

  • 2 sharp pencils
  • 1 long, 1 short ruler
  • 1 rubber
  • 1 pencil sharpener
  • 1 glue stick if possible
  • 1 black felt tip pen
  • Colouring pens/pencils
  • Gym Kit

Other useful information

Please ensure that all items of clothing and equipment are named in order that we return lost items as quickly as possible.

Please help your child to organise homework packs but encourage them to do so independently.

Remember to return Learning Journeys on time.

Discuss the Hotspot System.

If you have allowed your child’s photograph to be on the web, his/her name will not be included.

Please return any forms as quickly as possible.