Primary 4

Term 1 living things Flowering Plants

Building on knowledge learned last year we are identifying parts of the plant and discovering their functions. We carry out several experiments to discover what plant need to survive.

Dig up some dead plants in the garden and look at their roots.

Are they taproots or fibrous roots?



Term 2 Earth and Space The Solar System solar system

As part of this term's topic:"The Solar System". I would like the children to observe the night sky. This is dependant on the weather.However, if there is a clear night go out with an adult (and a coat) and look at the sky.

November is a great month for sky watching. All eight planets can be seen in one night this month. Mars is the only one we can see with the naked eye. Remember it has a red glow.mars Please see the information on the home page about a great family night out star gazing.

For further information look at


Happy watching!

Term 3-Electricity






We will make simple circuits, investigate conductors and learn about electrical symbols.

This is great fun setting up circuits with bulbs,motors and buzzers. Beware the classroom is very noisy!




Term 4- We are studying Sexual Health and Relationship Education. Click here for more details