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Children In Need Practise our Zumba  by clicking on the links below.

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Our year together will be hard work, packed full of new experiences but always fun. We hope your children will become truly independent and active learners, ready to seek out new opportunities and adventures.
We don’t deal in problems, we deal in solutions.
Kindest Regards
Ann Browne & Angela Cunningham
The  short film above was created and filmed entirely by P6 Rm 12. This is their year!
Active and Independent learners show initiative, are organised, remain focused, stay on task, complete assignments, manage their time, set a good example, respect others, listen, think, act and make the right choice.
Primary 6 is a year where pupils are encouraged to set their own targets, be responsible for achieving those targets and in so doing, become active and independent learners.
While the teacher moves from group to group during the school day, pupils work through a range of activities within each subject area. It is the pupils’ responsibility to be organised. They should look at the timetable, be aware of what is needed for each lesson and come prepared to be taught. Personal organisational skills are vitally important in Primary 6.
What do I need for the next lesson?
What is the next lesson?
I finished the task, what do I do now?
Have I checked and edited my work?
This years topics include;
The Credit Union, Europe, The Victorians and Cycling proficiency.
Every pupil will be provided with a ‘success criteria’ checklist to help complete activities. Look for it in the school bag! Each topic is self and peer evaluated. In this way we encourage pupils to value the process of learning, learn from their peers and accept constructive criticism.
Additional homework tasks
Personal Reading, Research for topics, school and home. Finishing off tasks.
This year we will continue to use ICT including e-mail, PowerPoint and video to promote learning and to share experiences and ideas. We ask that parents and pupils are aware of our Internet Safety Rules.
Dress Code ;We encourage pupils to wear school uniform at all times. Long hair should be tied back and no jewellery should be worn in the gym.
Homework diaries
Please use these diaries for quick notes, e.g Village permission slips. Contact us directly if more details or information is required.
Equipment list
Sharp pencils
Ruler, rubber, sharpener,
Scissors and glue-stick
Thick and thin black felt pen
Blue or black writing pen