Primary 7

Term 1 Linving Things

Flowering plantsFlowering and Non-Flowering Plants

We discover the differences in plants.

Pollination and reproduction in flowering plants.Remember look at the primaryscience site it will help you with your studies.









Term 2 Earth and Space

earthWe are now concentrating on how the earth is made; rocks and their formation. Bring in any rocks you might have and we can find out if they are sedimentary or metamorphic.





Term 3 Energy and Forces

This term the children will study the Energy debate. What kinds of fuel are we using ? Are these the best for the enviroment and what are the alternatives?

Through discussion, debate and investigation pupils will discover the advantages and disadvantages of various fuels.Homework: gather appropriate magazine and newspaper articles related to the Energy debate.

We look at electrical dangers and how to avoid them.



Term 4 This term the children will be studying Sexual Health and Relationship Education. Please click here for details.