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Artemis Fowl and the Opal Deception
Written by Eoin Colfer
Reviewed by Milo (age 9)
This book is about Artemis Fowl, Butler and Captain Holly Short. Artemis has had his mind wiped and now he remembers nothing of the man-eating trolls and flame-throwing goblins from his past.
I liked this book because the words are magnificent and the story is cunning. I had to think about what comes next. The brutal reprobate is a power-crazed pixie called Opal Koboi. My favourite part was when Artemis had just had his mind wiped (It was very funny).
I recommend this book to people who like quick, fast and funny books.
I think it is a good book for people who are about nine or ten. I think that Eoin Colfer is a very multifarious and admirable author.
This is my ideal book.