Rocket science

 Tim PeakeWe are Space Biologists!


Milngavie Primary Pupils become Space biologists. Is it possible to grow our own food on planets millions of miles from the earth.
In September 2015 2kg of seeds flew with Tim to the International Space Station.
space seedsMilngavie Primary tendered an application for some of the seeds to be given to our Primary 7 pupils to plant, monitor and bring to seeds
Together the Primary 7 pupils are investigating the impact of micro-gravity and space travel on seed germination and growth.
space seeds
Mrs McElney reports that, 'We are learning the horticultural techniques required to grow rocket seeds to six week old plants. We are using the data from the rocket science experiment to ask and answer specific questions. For example; can we compare the growth of the space seeds to the ones that have stayed on earth?'
space seeds
Pupils are also learning to measure and record key data and upload this onto the National database. It is Rocket science after all.