S & Q Report

Standards and Quality

Standards and Quality report

Milngavie Primary & Nursery

June 2017 

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Milngavie Primary School and Nursery is situated in a conservation area at the eastern end of the pedestrian precinct in the heart of Milngavie village.  It offers equal opportunities to all.  It is a non-denominational, co-educational school, covering stages from ante-pre-school at age 3 to Primary 7. 

We have 3 pupils whose address fall into bands 1&2 of the SIMD (Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation), this is 0.9 of our school roll.  14 pupils in our school are eligible for free school meals, this is 4.3% of our school roll.  This percentage is the indicator used by the Scottish Government for the allocation of Pupil Equity Funding to address the poverty related attainment gap.  Milngavie Primary School has been allocated £20,400 Pupil Equity Fund.

The current school roll is 319 divided into 13 classes.  Our staffing for this session is set at 16.4 teachers, including Head Teacher, two Depute Head Teachers, Principal Teacher, class teachers and nursery teacher. Our staffing allocation also allows us to employ a specialist physical education teacher, a music teacher and a teacher of science to enhance the curriculum we offer our pupils.  Our support staff consists of 4 classroom assistants, 3 clerical assistants and a site-coordinator.  Pupils with Special Educational Needs are supported in class by a team of 3.8 Support for Learning Assistants.  In the nursery our staff consists of 1 teacher, 1 Team Leader, 1 Senior Early Years Worker, 6 Early Years Workers and an Early Years Support Worker.

We have very strong links with parents and the community and are supported by exceedingly hard working and enthusiastic Parent Council and PTA.

There is close liaison between Milngavie Primary School and Douglas Academy, the school to which our pupils transfer for secondary education.