Science Room

Fred the skeletonI am Fred the resident skeleton in the science room. I enjoy welcoming everyone in Milngavie Primary to my humble abode. It is rather cold at the moment therefore, I am wearing my body vest. Some of you had a go at putting me together. I have to say my heart is little put out. Try to do better next time.

Primary 5 have been learning all about the human skeleton. As you can imagine I have been most helpful. However, my right hand appears to be missing. There is a large reward for anyone returning it to Mrs Macfarlane. I would much appreciate it.

Fantastic news!  My right hand has been found, it was in the basement,well done to Mr Harvey . Mrs Macfarlane has managed to bandage it on but if there are any orthopedic surgeons out there who could do a better job please come to my rescue.