The Archives

In 1975 Milngavie Primary celebrated its centenary with topic studies, research projects and visits from dignitaries and former pupils. Below is a selection of photographs gathered together to celebrate the centenary, the original photographs can be viewed in the school entrance area.

The first headmaster of Milngavie Primary was appointed on the 24 July 1875 on a salary of £200 a year. A second master was appointed on a salary of £80 and on the 18 September 1875 Miss Margaret Ann Fairweather was appointed on a salary of £70 a year.

Old Milngavie primary

Mr Hugh Primrose was the second Headmaster of Milngavie Primary. Here he is pictured with the boys' class and the janitor. Look closely at what they are wearing. How many differences can you spot from today's clothes?

Old Milngavie primaryThe girls did not sit in the same class as the boys. There was even a separate entrance for girls and boys. Walk round our school and see if you can spot which entrance you would use?

Old Milngavie primaryEveryone looks very serious in these photographs. Why do you think this is?





Old Milngavie primary

This picture shows the Provost of Milngavie speaking to pupils on the occasion of the the centenary. Can you see the headmaster, Mr Thomson, sitting with his arms folded? He is wearing a black gown, the uniform of headmasters in 1975.


Old Milngavie primaryThis is the Primary 7 classroom in 1975. What does it look like now?