Top 10 Apps

Looking for some Apps to brighten up a rainy day? Why not try out the top ten Apps chosen by pupils visiting this year’s Bett show in London.

Apps are, mostly free and for our, ‘App’ generation, easy and fun to operate. Apps allow pupils to create movies, posters, write, edit and publish stories, practise mental addition and even create their own App in a matter of minutes! Almost anything that once, was only possible on a computer, can now be downloaded, updated and mastered on an android, IOS phone or tablet. Why not try these out and let us know which ones you prefer or better still, if you come across a particularly impressive App, let us know and we will add it to our list?
Top 10 Apps Top 10 Apps Top 10 Apps
ActionMovie FX (iOS) Make videos look like cinema events. BrainPop UK (iOS, Android and Web) Access educational movies and take quizzes. Garageband (iOS) Record your voice and add virtual intruments.
Top 10 Apps Top 10 Apps Top 10 Apps
iMovie (iOS) Create your own videos to show what you have learned. Operation Math (iOS, Android) turns mental arithmetic in to a series of fun activities. PicCollage(iOS, Android) Puts lots of pictures into large posters.
Top 10 Apps Top 10 Apps Top 10 Apps
Pixir(limited version on iOS, Android and Web) Sumdog (limited version on iOS, Android and Web) More mental arithmetic games. Sumopaint (limited version on iOS, Android) Create your very own artisic masterpiece.
Top 10 Apps    
Super7 (iOS) Problem-solving but only seven at a time.    



  1. Comment left by Toma (website) at 09:19:04 on Mar 28, 2014

    nice app but the only problem is that how do the none inagatrsm users register a inagatrsm account, new account registration is currently disabled from inagatrsms website so the only way for people to register a new account is too use the app on a idevice. is their any alternative to this as i personaly dont own a idevice

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