Cairns Church MilngavieDuring the Autumn term Primary 5 enjoy getting out and about visiting the Churches of Milngavie. We will learn about the variety of faith communities who live and worship in Milngavie. Look out for us as we visit all our local churches.



From October to Christmas we will be finding out about Blood, Bones and Bodies. We will be learning about what goes on inside our bodies. The following websites will help us search for information;


January-April We will be cruising on the Titanic 
While cruising on the Titanic we will be learning about life in Britain around 1912 and how the class structure affected people's way of life. We will study the impact of the sinking of the Titanic and work to understand what happened when it sank. Through active learning pupils will experience what it felt like to be on board such a magnificent ship. Look at the following websites for more information;

Titanic titanic

Click above to colour the Titanic

Go on a diving mission and locate the lost treasures of the Titanic

Use this site to find lots of interesting facts.





 Read the story of the Titanic by following the link above.  Find true and tragic facts about the Titanic here.  Will you survive the Titanic? Try this game now!